Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

We are doing a series on what to do when involved in a car accident. First we are going to cover when to seek medical attention.  The first thing you should do when in a car accident in Folsom is seek medical treatment for injuries you have suffered. If you wait and delay treatment, insurance […]

What To Do In A Car Accident: Step 3 – Contact An Attorney

Wrapping up the 3 part series about how to respond when you have been involved in a car accident we are discussing contacting an attorney. So far we have covered Seeking Medical Attention and Taking Notes. Whether you have suffered a minor injury or a more significant one in Folsom, such as a car accident, […]

What To Do In A Car Accident: Step 2 – Take Notes

It’s important to know what to do when you’re in a car accident. Responding in the correct manner can make the difference in your ability to protect yourself and those in your vehicle if legal action is taken either by you or the other party. In our previous post cover the first step we discussed how and […]

What To Do In A Car Accident: Step 1 Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

When you have been injured in a car or auto accident in Folsom, or have suffered another type of personal injury, the steps you follow immediately after sustaining the injury play a very important role in your potential case. In this series of posts we will be discussing what to do when you have been […]

Lawsuit Filing, Settlement, Trial

In our previous article we discussed the demand letter and negotiation stages of a personal injury case, in this article we will discuss the final stages; Lawsuit Filing, Settlement, Trial. Lawsuit Filing and Discovery Process Once your personal injury attorney files a lawsuit, the other party will file a response, and the discovery process will begin.  […]