When you have been injured in a car or auto accident in Folsom, or have suffered another type of personal injury, the steps you follow immediately after sustaining the injury play a very important role in your potential case.

In this series of posts we will be discussing what to do when you have been injured in a car accident.

Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

The first thing you should do when in a car accident in Folsom is seek medical treatment for injuries you have suffered. If you wait and delay treatment, insurance companies are more likely to deny your claim and allege that your injuries are not related to the car accident.

It is very important that you tell your doctor about every part of your body that has been injured or is in pain.  Don’t try to be tough–it is crucial that your injuries from the car accident are medically documented from an early stage.

Provide as much detail as you can with respect to each and every part of your body that hurts.  This will also ensure that your personal injury attorney has the information necessary to represent you accurately in future negotiations or a lawsuit.

The next step is to take notes, which will be covered in the next post do when you’re in a car accident. Click here to read more

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