In our previous article we discussed the demand letter and negotiation stages of a personal injury case, in this article we will discuss the final stages; Lawsuit Filing, Settlement, Trial.

Lawsuit Filing and Discovery Process

Once your personal injury attorney files a lawsuit, the other party will file a response, and the discovery process will begin.  In this stage, lawyers propound questions to the other side to discover information and facts about the case, the incident, and the parties.  Depositions may be taken from the parties to the suit or from witnesses.

Settlement or Mediation

If the attorneys are not able to settle the personal injury case before suit is filed, they will again try to negotiate settlement during the discovery process, after filing suit.  The parties may hire a local mediator in Folsom, a neutral lawyer who will help facilitate settlement between the parties.  If a settlement can be reached, trial is not necessary.  If settlement cannot be reached, the parties will agree to move to trial.


A trial for your personal injury case in Folsom may occur months or over a year after mediation has occurred.  The trial can take days, weeks, or even months.  The results of trial are final.

This article is the last of our series.


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