Case Studies

Personal Injury Attorney

Apartment Tenant Awarded $825k

A Santa Monica apartment tenant was awarded $825,000 in damages for invasion of privacy by landlord. The 80 year old man and long time tenant lived in a two bedroom, rent-stabilized apartment in the defendants’ 10-unit apartment building. After the plaintiff was taken away from his home on a Section 51050 … Read More

Pedestrian Car Accident Attorney

15-year-old dies after being struck by car at dangerous crossing on way to school bus. $20 million. San Bernardino County.

Jin Ouk Burnham, aged 15, was fatally injured in a car accident whilst crossing a road to get to a bus stop established by his High School. His adoptive mother attempted to sue the school district, the city of Fontana, the state of California, the driver and the people of the state. Read More

Car Accident Attorney

$3M verdict for man struck by car. $100K defense offer 3 mo. before trial. Los Angeles County.

Joseph Butenhoff, 33, cell-phone tower builder suffered TBI when hit by a car while he was in the street after dark, helping a dog owner and his injured dog. Read More

Auto Accident Attorney

Long-haul truck driver gets hit by yard goat at truck wash. $775K. Los Angeles County.

Salvador P. Santos, 61, long-haul truck driver claims truck wash employee is negligent in accident with yard goat. Santos was getting his air brakes repaired when defendant Ramirez, an employee of LA Wash Rack, Inc., backed up an Ottawa yard goat into plaintiff, throwing him violently to the ground. This caused facial and skull fractures, shoulder and low back injuries, and a broken ankle, among other injuries. Read More

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance Contracts, Policy Interpretation, & Ambiguities

Mr Sequeira did not work on January 1, 2010—the day his supplemental policy was issued—because it was a paid holiday. He was hospitalized suddenly on Saturday, January 2 and died on Wednesday, January 6. His cause of death was related to a viral infection in his heart. He did not report to work between January 1 and his death on January 6. Read More